This part of the library includes views, panoramas and Bird’s Eye views of locations around the world.

The images display optics, aquatints, lithographs, woodcuts and engravings.

Collections include David Roberts subtle magic of the “Holyland” and detailed panoramas and Bird’s Eye views of cities from the Illustrated London News.


  1. “Holyland”, The Monks of the Monastery of St Catherine, Sinai – David Roberts (19th century).
  2. “Bodmer’s America”, Niagara Falls – K Bodmer (1832-1834).
  3. Kremlin, Moscow, Russia – Sabatier.
  4. Macao – Coupil & Vilbert.
  5. Mexico – Illustrated London News (19th century).
  6. St James’ Palace, London – Bowles (18th century).