This section covers the remainder of the collection:

Nationality encompasses national costumes, flags and American peoples including the Red Indians.

Sport includes images of tennis, cricket, hunting, shooting, fishing, horse racing, falconry and fowl.

Furniture and furnishings displays images of beds, chairs, tables, sofas and curtains.

Portraits of historical figures throughout history such as British royalty and the Tsars of Russia.

Decorative images are categorised as seasons, panels, civil life and pastoral.

Fashion images depict fashion for ladies, gentlemen and children.

Other images include family trees, games, volcanoes and curiosities.

  1. Louis XIV – Rigaud.
  2. “Bodmer’s America”, Pehriska-Ruhpa, Moennitarri Warrior, Costume of Dog Danse – K Bodmer (1832-1834).
  3. “Le Moniteur de L’Ameublement”, Décor de lit a 4 colonnes (Genre Moderne) – Sanguineti (19th century).
  4. Turkish Horsemen – Anon (18th century).
  5. The Cricket Match between Kent & Sussex at Brighton – Phillips (1849).
  6. “Mineralogie, 6th collection, Volcans”, Histoire Naturelle, Vesuvius 1757 – Anon (18th century).