Military / Naval

The military section of the library includes land battles, portraits of Napoleon, soldiers, their uniforms and weapons.

Military images of note are the Death of Major Pierson, Battle of the Alma, Relief of Lucknow and the Battle of Waterloo.

The naval section encompasses sea battles, ships, flags and portraits of captains, admirals and Nelson in particular.

Naval images of historical importance include the Death of Nelson at Trafalgar, the Armada Invasion, Battle of the Nile and the Crimean War.

  1. The Death of Major Pierson, Jersey – Singleton.
  2. “Army & Navy (Portrait of Wellington & Nelson)” – JP Knight.
  3. Chasseurs de Fischer – PB de la Rue (1743).
  4. Sovereign of the Seas – Coronelli (1650-1718).
  5. Nobility of Hannover – Braun & Hogenberg (1572-1618).
  6. Napoleon le Grand – Anon