Celestial, Globes and Spheres

The library includes a comprehensive and spectacular collection of celestial charts for example images from “Celestial Atlas of Harmony” by Andreas Cellarius and “Homann’s Atlas Coelestis”.

Images of astronomical and terrestrial globes are represented including globe gores, armillary spheres, spheres artificielles and orreries. Blaeu’s depiction of Tycho Brahe’s Observatory on Hven includes many fine and detailed astronomical instruments.

  1. Situs Terrae Circulus Coelestibus – Cellarius (17th century).
  2. Hemels Pleyn – Elwe (18th century).
  3. La Sphere Artificielle – De Fer (17th century).
  4. Celestial Globe Gore – Coronelli (1650-1718).
  5. “Tycho Brahe”, Sextans Astronomicus Trigonicus – Blaeu (1596-1673)
  6. “Tycho Brahe”, Frontispiece – Blaeu (1596-1673).