This category encompasses external images of buildings, churches, country houses, cottages, hospitals, bridges, fountains, gardens and monuments. Interior images include ceilings, features, mosaics, columns and frescos.

Images represented are engravings from the collections of: Stowe’s formal views of London, Kip’s lavish country estates, Harris’ beautiful country houses as depicted in “The Harris of Kent”, the geometric designs of Murphy’s “Arabian Antiquities of Spain – The Alhambra” and many others.

Architecture from around the world is represented by this collection including amongst others London, Paris, Middle East, Holyland and the Far East.

  1. Mosque at Cordoba - Abd-ar-Rahman-1 aisle.
  2. Broughton House - Plot (17th century).
  3. Plan general du Chasteau et du petit parc de Versailles - Anon.
  4. St Martin's Church, London - Stowe (18th century).
  5. Versailles, Three Fountains, Paris - Anon (18th century).
  6. Roman Panel: Hercules, Proserpine, Psyche, Jove, Cupid - N Dorigni (1690).