This section forms approximately half of the library with maps spanning the centuries from manuscripts and woodcuts to copperplate and steel engravings. The collection covers cartographers from Aa (van der) to Zatta.

Maps have been categorised as astronomical, charts, prospects, town plans, parish, ward, county, province, country, island, continent, world, road, lake and river.

The collection ranges from the earliest crude maps of Schedel, Munster and Ptolemy to the almost fussy and very pictorial maps by Tallis and Levasseur.

In addition to the serious business of map making there is always a little light relief in the form of caricatures, love maps and other ficticious depictions.

  1. Jerusalem, Bible map – Anon (German).
  2. Abysinnia – Ortelius (16th century).
  3. Wind chart – Jansson (17th century).
  4. Leo Belgicus – Van de Keere (1571-1646).
  5. Crackov, Poland – Braun & Hogenberg (1572-1618).
  6. Carmarthen to Aberystwith – Ogilby (17th century).